I Want Opinions on this Concrete Table

How’s that for a catchy title?

But seriously, I’m stuck in indecision and would love some opinions on a table I recently tweaked.

This coffee table was built many moons ago by my Dad. No joke, I’ve been living with different variations of this unfinished table for longer than I’ve lived with my husband of nearly 10 years.

I was initially stalled by fear. The plan was to fill in the inlay with mosaic tile. I was afraid of screwing it up and worried that it would look like crap.

Over the years, I rounded the sharp corners and edges (ahem, kids), and then I painted it white because, well, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Table makeover from realhappyspace.com

I played around with different tile options, but never really found the perfect fit.

Then a couple weeks ago after my little table leg snafu I got excited about giving this table a new, finished look. So after a pathetic  amount of research,  I jumped trowel-first into a bucket of Henry’s Feather Finish concrete.

Not going to lie, things looked a little dicey for a while.

After several small batches and some sanding, I eventually I got the super-smooth finish I wanted. However, the color of the finished concrete wasn’t perfectly consistent.

Concrete Table Makeover from realhappyspace.com

I think this happened because I didn’t always have the same thickness/consistency of the cement mixture in each batch. In an attempt to even out the cement color, and darken it a bit, I used the same wood stain on the cement top as I used on the wood table edge and legs – a layer of grey stain and a layer of English Walnut. It’s still not perfect, but I kind like that about it.

Concrete Table Makeover from realhappyspace.com

But here’s where I start to second guess myself. I envisioned a modern meets industrial look with this table. But my question is: is the wood finish too rustic and uneven?

After sanding off the white paint, there were definitely some patches that took to the new stain color better than others.

Table makeover from realhappyspace.com

I tried to embrace the rustic industrial feel and even added some dents and scrapes to give it a imperfect, rustic look.

Table makeover from realhappyspace.com

In reality, most days it functions as a spot for toys and coffee cups.

But I’m wondering if it’s too rustic.  Should I go back to white paint on the wood edges and legs? Maybe add paint to the concrete with a patterned stencil? Or should I just quit while I’m ahead and call (finally) finished?

I would love to hear your opinions – even if you think my concrete table looked better before I started messing with it. 🙂

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7 comments on “I Want Opinions on this Concrete Table

  1. I love the table and think you’ve done a great job. If I were going to change anything (big if) it would stem from my ambivalence about mid-century modern. If you saved the legs for another project and replaced them with some really industrial metal? Like dark steel pipe fitted together? Not that the table isn’t great just as it is — it doesn’t “need” anything.

  2. I’m curious about the concrete top on your table. Could you send me (or post) a current picture of the top with the present finish of the wood without the glare from the window? Thanks!

    • Hi Brad, I’ve updated this post with a few more photos and details about the concrete top. The product I used it very popular in the DIY blogosphere right now. Many people have used it for updating laminate countertops, see link from Young House Love (http://bit.ly/29gojTz). Hope that helps!

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