Spring Flowers – Three Ways

Easter is almost here and Spring is finally starting to show it’s warm, but mostly rainy face around our neighborhood. Lately I’ve been itching to buy some flowers to brighten up our dining room table, and after a quick swing into Trader Joe’s, I had two bunches of tulips.

I’m such a sucker for tulips. They are by far my favorite flower. I consider this simple arrangement (using a vase from a flower arrangement I received for Mother’s Day last year – Thanks, Dave) just fine for the everyday table, but Easter is this weekend, so I thought I would try and dress it up a bit. So I thought I would share with you three ways you can take grocery store flowers to the next level. And here’s the best part, I didn’t spend any money. I only used items from my own house and backyard.

Spring Tulips_Before

A couple of days ago it was warm enough to take the kids outside for a bit. Jacob was my little helper … for a few minutes anyway, until he decided to do some independent nature exploring. We picked up sticks, cut a few branches from some very overgrown bushes that are still bare and cut down our dried ornamental grass from last summer. These were all landscape tasks that needed to be done anyway, so it was a two-for-one.

Spring Tulips_Header

Arrangement #1. Tall & Texture

Spring Tulips_Vase A1

I added dried grass blades to add texture. The brown and tan colors also helps break up all the green around the base. To add height, I cut a few branches from our Pussy Willow tree and put them in the center of the arrangement. The Pussy Willow is actually more of a stump, but it produced a few branches recently, much to my surprise.

Arrangement #2 – Sticks & Simple

Spring Tulips_Vase B3

For this one I used a tin can (from the previous night’s dinner) as the inner vase, then filled the area between the tin can and outer vase with sticks. Here’s a progress shot …

Spring Tulips_Vase B2

I inserted thicker sticks first all the way around to keep the can centered inside the vase, then filled in the gaps with smaller twigs after placing the tulips (and water) in the can. Quick Tip: You could also use a clear glass as your inner vase, then you don’t have to worry so much about covering it completely with the sticks.

Arrangement #3 – Basket & Burlap

Spring Tulips_Vase C2

I had three more tin cans handy, so I put them to work inside this basket. This was the easiest one of all three arrangements. I had to cut the tulips down a bit, but then I simply arranged the flowers and Pussy Willow branches in the cans, then tucked a piece of burlap ribbon around the perimeter to cover the cans and fill in the gaps. I put the branches toward the back to make this a one-sided arrangement, good for on top of a sideboard, or bookshelf, rather than a table.

So there you have it! Easter flowers are ready to go. Now we just need to cross our fingers that it doesn’t rain on Saturday so we can enjoy our first Helicopter Egg Drop experience. I hope you are able to spend time with loved ones this weekend, and I wish you all a very happy Easter!

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