Simple Spring Wreath Idea

Well, we’ve sprung forward and we’re all ready to say “see ya!” to winter. So I figured it’s about time to update my front door wreath and embrace the spring season.

Since the weather isn’t exactly spring-like here in Illinois, I decided to create a wreath with cheery spring colors, but one that didn’t require any flowers. There isn’t really anything blooming here yet, so I didn’t want a wreath that screamed “fake!”

Winter Grapevine Wreath from

I love adapting my grapevine wreath throughout the year (my post-Christmas winter wreath is shown above). It’s so easy to stick in flower stems from the craft store, and then change them out for each season. But, as I said, for this simple spring wreath idea I didn’t use any flowers at all.

Spring Pom-pom grapevine wreath from
I grabbed a bag of assorted pastel-colored pom-poms from JoAnn Fabric and my little emergency sewing kit. Using a needle and some brown thread, I fed the thread through the medium and small-sized Pom-poms.

Once I finished threading, I started spacing out the Pom-poms. I attached a brown button to the starting end of the string and tucked it into the wreath on the back side.

Spring Pom-pom grapevine wreath from

Now that I had an anchor point, I started wrapping the thread around the wreath. I learned quickly to take a slow and steady approach to avoid knotting the thread or tangling it up in the wreath.

After adding another brown button to the end of the string, I tucked it into the back of the wreath and it was ready to hang.

Spring Pom-pom grapevine wreath from
This easy spring wreath adds such a nice pop of color to our front door.

Spring Pom-pom grapevine wreath from

If you don’t already, follow Real Happy Space on Instagram where I’ll be sharing a second simple spring wreath idea using the larger Pom-poms I had left over from this project. Look for that tomorrow!

Spring Pom-pom grapevine wreath from

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