Progress Over Perfection

We’ve all heard it, and maybe even said it, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”

Well, I know that this phrase has its place, but for me it rarely applies to home renovations.

I haven’t posted on here in nearly two weeks because I haven’t FINISHED anything in nearly two weeks. [Insert beet-red angry-faced emoji here.]

To clarify, I’m speaking specifically about home and decor projects that I would like to feature on this blog. I have continued to bathe and feed my children, complete my work tasks and otherwise live a normal life.

You see, things around our home have been in a rather drastic state of disorganization. We’re not talking about toys all over they place and couch cushions on the floor – that’s a normal, daily occurrence around here. I’m talking about the contents of our master closet being spread out between three bedrooms. And instead of holding clothes, our closet housing sheets of drywall and a plethora of tools. (Side note: Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you can fit into a closet, and how much more space that stuff can fill when you take it out of the closet?)

Progress over perfection - closet makeover

In a nutshell, We’re reworking our master bedroom closet and it’s just. not. done. yet. So in an effort to “embrace the journey” I thought I would share two things I’ve learned from this project so far.

Discovery #1: My response to home renovation projects follow a certain pattern.

Start of project: “Woo hoo! Let’s get this done. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long and it’s finally happening!”

After first three hiccups: “Why does it always take so long and require five separate trips to the hardware store?”

< Project pause for life events that don’t involve drywall and paint. >

After a little more progress: “Alright, we are getting there. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

< Project pause for MORE life events and tasks that don’t involve drywall and paint. >

After very little progress: “Arrrgh!”

Progress over perfection - closet makeoverThis is exactly where things are with our closet project right now. I’m hoping in the coming day or two to complete the pattern with …

After reemerging determined: “We WILL finish this thing, I will focus solely on this project and nothing else until it’s complete.”

Project Complete: “Woo hooo!” [Insert emoji and woman in red dress dancing the cha-cha.]


Discovery #2: Comparison is a real morale killer.

I need to stay far away from my instagram and my blog feed while in the middle of a large project. Seeing other people churning out mudroom renovations, easter tablescapes, and new items for their Etsy shop left and right (after I’ve just vacuumed up drywall dust for the fourth time) just makes me feel like crap. Lesson learned.

So now you may be wondering, “Well why don’t you get off your computer and finish your damn closet?”

Good question.

I thought it was worth taking a few minutes to toss a dose of reality out into the home decor/diy blogosphere. We can’t all churn out perfect finished projects each week like clockwork. Or, we’re not all organized enough to make it look like we can.

So that’s it. That’s where I’m at today. Now please excuse me as I need to make yet another trip to the hardware store.


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