Penny Starburst Mirror

Most likely you’ve heard of #TBT (throw back thursday) and #YOLO (you only live once). Well, I’ve made up my own hashtag that I just know will catch on like a Taylor Swift song (are you sensing the sarcasm?).

Here it is: #WNW

Yep, it’s Why Not Wednesday! I know, I’m so clever.

So here is my first (and probably only) Why Not Wednesday:

Why not make a starburst mirror out of pennies? It’s easy, super cheap and you learn fun new facts. For example, did you know you can shine up your pennies by giving them a little soak in vinegar and salt?

[This is the part where my scientist parents roll their eyes and say, “Umm, yes we knew that, Suzy. It’s because the copper reacts to the …. blah blah and blah…etc etc.” 🙂 One of these days I’m going to teach my parents something (non pop-culture related) that they didn’t already know.]

Anyway, back to my new mirror. I’m really happy with how it turned out and how quickly I was able to put it together.

Penny Starburst Mirror

I used the smallest size mirror from this set of Target mirrors and a simple plywood circle from Michaels, but you could also use any mirror with a flat frame.

Penny Mirror_before

I used some Minwax Red Chestnut stain that I already owned to quickly stain the wood circle. One coat of stain was all it needed to match the pennies.

Penny Mirror_one row

I wasn’t interested in making all the pennies look perfectly brand new, so I gave them a quick cleaning, no brushing or scrubbing involved. After dry-fitting the first row, I started gluing. I went with hot glue. Despite the stringy mess hot glue creates, I figured that minor annoyance was better than gluing my fingers together with super glue.

Penny Mirror_three rows

I played around a little and created a pattern switching between the fronts and backs of the pennies. Then I added a second level to the first row to give it a little more dimension.

Penny Mirror_detail

And that’s about it for me and my new mirror. I think I’ll call it Abe.

Penny Mirror_wall arrangment

Penny Mirror_after

Hope this inspires you to create something new with materials you’ve already got. #WNW. 😉

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  1. I’m visiting from the Remodelaholic linky party where I saw your post. I just wanted to say that I really really love this mirror! I love copper I will absolutely be making this! Love it!

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