A Place for Everything

Before we tour any of the rooms in my house I thought it would be fun to show my favorite corner. It’s actually the hardest working corner in the entire house. You can call it a drop zone, landing strip, command center  or maybe a mudroom (even though it’s not a real room). This tiny […]

Making it Work: Instagram Display

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that does this. You’re walking through Target, Home Goods, or in this case Garden Ridge, and something cute catches your eye. And … it’s on clearance! After closer inspection, however, you realize it’s not 100 percent your style. It’s just not perfect … but it could be. […]

Easy Valentine’s Day Banner and Printables

Easy Valentine’s Day Banner and Printables

I’ll admit that since getting married Valentine’s Day hasn’t been all that important to me. While I do enjoy  chocolate (possibly more than any other human), I don’t really look forward to the day with much anticipation.  However, with Jacob in “school” two days a week now (it’s a great Parent’s Day Out program at […]