Newborn Memory Shadow Box

My smily little girl is 11 months old this week. It’s been the fastest 11 months of my life. Miss Lily is basically walking at this point, which was a big reminder to me that I needed to put together her newborn shadow box.

I didn’t do the baby book thing for my kids. I should have because I feel like I’ve already forgotten some of the details from Jacob’s infant days. Now I have a Mom’s One Line A Day Journal, and I love it.

I made a shadow box for her big brother when he was a baby. It holds his hospital bracelet, the outfit he came home in, a deflated balloon from one of the bouquets we received, his newborn hat and his birth announcement. All this is arranged in a plain white shadow box. I plan to show pictures of Jacob’s room as soon as I can keep it clean for more than two minutes.

This time around I bought an unfinished, bare bones shadow box frame and stained it myself. I was looking to match it to this frame that’s already in her room.

Nursery Tour_2015-03-19 02.58.37

So, in a classic second child moment, I dressed Lily in a fairly uncute, hand-me-down outfit for her trip home from the hospital. Maybe the handmade, personal touch I put into the frame will distract Lily from that missing piece in her frame. Here is the frame before …

Shadow box_2015-05-06 02.19.30

I used a gray stain (same as the dining room picture ledge), then did a little sanding/distressing and some dry brushing with white paint to give it a weathered wood look.

Shadow box_2015-05-13 03.55.12

To amp up the cute/girly factor, I added some items that are purely decorative. The paper flowers and pearl L were both found in the $1-3 bins at Michaels. The burlap ribbon and scrapbook paper (in the background) were both things I already had on hand.

Shadow box_2015-05-13 03.54.47

The mementos I saved from her time at the hospital were the hat, bracelet and a little stem of flowers from the bouquet my Dad bought for us.

Shadow box_2015-05-13 03.59.33

For now it’s resting on the shelf above her crib.

Shadow box_2015-05-13 03.57.55

I may move it at some point down the road, but for now it’s safely out of reach for little, curious (destructive) hands. My hope is that some day down the road she’ll think her dorky old Mom made her a pretty cool keepsake. And then we’ll be best friends and tell each other everything and she’ll never be embarrassed by me or think I’m lame. Stranger things have happened, right?

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