A Modest Master Bedroom Closet Renovation

Over the course of the last couple months we’ve moved from a tunnel of despair to a bright, shinning beam of light and happiness.

What? A little too dramatic for closet talk? Ok, you’re probably right, but I had a full-on 13 Going on 30 moment the other day when I put the finishing touches on our master bedroom closet.


Now, our closet is no where near as big or fancy as this one, but it’s SO much better than in was before – and most importantly, more functional.

Here is what we were dealing with before. A long, very narrow, sort-of walk-in closet.

Master Bedroom Closet Before - Real Happy Space

I wanted to create a more “open concept” closet that would make the whole bedroom feel bigger and make the closet easier to use and organize. Here’s what we did with A LOT of help from my Dad, because we all know who the real DIY expert is around here. He also has all the good tools.

Master Bedroom Closet Renovation - realhappyspace.com

Now we have his and hers sides for both hanging and folded clothes storage, and a small corner for our clothes hamper.

I reused the particle board shelves and metal brackets that we already had. After I cut them to fit and gave them a fresh coat of white paint, they were ready to go back in. The cube storage towers and bins aren’t new either, just arranged differently than they were in the old closet layout.

Master Bedroom Closet Renovation - realhappyspace.com

Master Bedroom Closet Before - realhappyspace.com

The furniture piece in the center (moved in from another room) holds more folded clothes as well as a few pairs of rarely-worn dress shoes. It also creates a focal point that makes the closet look less like a closet and more like an extension of the bedroom.

Gallery wall and master bedroom closet renovation from realhappyspace.com

All the pictures on this wall are very personal to Dave and me except the number/typography piece in the middle that is just a Target clearance find I’ve had for years. I have plans to make that piece do double duty as a hidden jewelry storage frame.

Open concept master bedroom closet renovation - realhappyspace.com

We made the new doorway a standard 3-foot opening so a door can be added in the future. If we go that route, my pick would be a sliding barn door. For now, though, I am very happy to say that we are D.O.N.E. with our master bedroom closet renovation.

On to the next!! I think whatever I choose to tackle next won’t involve so much drywall dust.

DIY open concept small master bedroom closet renovation from realhappyspace.com

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4 comments on “A Modest Master Bedroom Closet Renovation

  1. Coming from homestories A-Z party.
    Love what you did; so practical and looks awesome at the same time.
    It’s amazing how you managed fitting a furniture for folded clothes in that space. 🙂

    • Thank you @TwoPlusCute. I was happy to find a furniture piece that would fit. It’s so nice to have a surface to set things on and have a little display space.

  2. There is almost no better feeling in the world to go from what feels like angry chaos to order and loveliness! I had a very similar moment with my office and all it took was some rearranging! Your idea to change the door opening was a such a good one!

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