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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that does this. You’re walking through Target, Home Goods, or in this case Garden Ridge, and something cute catches your eye. And … it’s on clearance! After closer inspection, however, you realize it’s not 100 percent your style. It’s just not perfect … but it could be. That beautiful wheel in your DIY brain starts turning. Maybe add a little something or take something (ugly) off, or maybe a coat of paint will do the trick.

In this case, with a little chalkboard paint and some clothespins I was able to remake a not-quite-perfect piece of “wall art” into a cute instagram photo display.



Full disclosure, this piece of “wall art” has been sitting in my closet for at least two years. I changed my mind about how I wanted to remake it about 10 times. I could have…

  1. Turned it vertical, painted on our wedding anniversary and hung it in the bedroom or…
  2. Added hooks and used it near the front door or…
  3. Used chalkboard paint and made a menu display board (I usually don’t plan meals on the weekends, so five squares works for me).

In the end I decided that the squares were just the right size for displaying instagram photos.





I used Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint purchased at Michaels. After a few hiccups when removing  the painters tape, I quickly realized I should have used a primer first since I wasn’t painting on bare wood, but rather a shiny, smooth surface. Never the less I soldiered on, determined to finish the damn thing and get it on the wall. After painting, I seasoned the chalkboards and arranged the photos/clothespins.



I decided that the center square was just a bit too narrow to fit a 4×4″ instagram photo, so I used some wooden craft letters and applied a cute, inspiring phrase – one that I wouldn’t mind seeing multiple times a day. I used contact cement to attached the letters and clothespins. After adding some quick doodles with a chalk  pen it was ready to hang.

DIY Instagram Frame


I originally planned to put this in our guest/kids bathroom, but since I am currently repainting in there (reveal soon I hope), It’s going to live in the dining room for now. (Thank God for Command Picture-Hanging strips!) Our house does not have a fireplace, so these two shelves are my “mantle” and I’m constantly rearranging the items displayed on them.

DIY Instagram Frame

DIY Instagram Frame



So there you go! That’s how I made this not-quite-perfect piece work for my space.

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  1. OMG!!! I am not only extremely impressed, but also touched by all of your children pics. It makes your blog so personal and special- it draws a person in. You are one very gifted young woman?? and that’s on top of your decorating gifts. Girl, I am proud and excited for you❤️?

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