The Right Fit for the Living Room

Me: “I rearranged the living room today.”
Dave: “Oh … Ok.”

– Two weeks later –

Me: “I rearranged the living room today. I like it. I mean it’s better … I’m liking it.”
Dave: “Ok.”

– One day later –

Dave: “Why are you moving the couch?”
Me: “I didn’t like my desk in that spot. This will be better.”

– One month later –

Me: “I rearranged the living room today. I think this is it. I really like it.”
Dave: … rolls eyes and walks away.

Our living room has had countless furniture arrangements. I’ve truly lost track. It’s safe to say the only things that haven’t changed are the main wall color and the floors.

Living room - before


A lot can happen in six years. We went from two adults with a small, apartment-sized couch to a family of four with a dog and a big ‘ol sectional …

… and after kid #2, I moved my work area in here, and later a piano.


In this space there are three windows, a large glass door that leads to our back deck plus an extra large opening into the dining room. The natural light and open feeling is great, but it’s also very challenging to find a good furniture arrangement.

A few years ago (pre-blog), we replaced the swinging glass door with a sliding one, and we replaced the windows behind the piano last year.


Living room from Real Happy Space

The most recent change I made in this room was ripping out the window bench. Window benches can be cute, but this one was too high and too narrow to sit on comfortably.

I think my Dad and Father-in-law sat on it once (both tall guys). And the kids liked to stand on it to look out the window and watch Dave mowing the back yard, but that’s pretty much all the action it saw. I did lose some storage space, but I gained several better options for furniture placement. So worth it!

I added some beadboard to the “uncovered” wall between the built-ins and painted the rest of the wall white. I like how it relates to the dining room now and ties the two spaces together.

As I mentioned in my last post about this room back in 2015, this is truly a multi-function space. Living room/family room/play room/office/access to back deck/yard. That’s a lot of slashes.

The large ottoman hides kids’ puzzles and games, and the tv console holds bins with toys as well.

With two little ones running (and jumping and falling) around, I don’t bother styling my coffee table. Some days I wonder why I bother with throw pillows on the couch since they are all on the floor approximately two minutes after Lily wakes up in the morning. 🙂 I guess you gotta pick your “battles.”

Living room from Real Happy Space

Now that I have the layout finalized (fingers-crossed), I have a few DIY furniture projects to wrap up.

  • The side table with the built-in lamp was a $5 Goodwill purchase – that needs to be painted.
  • I’m also working on a piece to hide my computer (tower/cpu) – it’s behind that wrinkled drop cloth next to my desk. Anyone else out there still use a desktop computer?
  • Lastly, the piano needs to be painted. I might stick with black, but I like the idea of navy blue too.

Well, that concludes this little tour. I’ll let you know (via instgram, most likely) when I get those last few projects finished. If you have any suggestions or tips for painting a piano, please send them my way. That particular project remains undone because I’ve been paralyzed by fear.

Thanks for stopping by!

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