Kitchen Tour: Plans and Dreams

When it comes to projects around the house my productivity ebbs and flows. Projects get put on the back burner while I tend to more important things like soaking up summer with these two cuties.

Lily_summer 2015

Jacob_summer 2015 (2)

But my love of all things design doesn’t have an off switch, and my imagination has no mute button. So in an effort to get some of these thoughts out of my brain and into a place that’s less forgetful, I wanted to share my kitchen and my plans and dreams for the space.

Here is what the kitchen looked like before I got my hands on it.

Kitchen Before

With the help of my Mom, I painted the kitchen right away. Like a few other rooms in the house, there was nothing wrong with the current paint color, but I just wanted something lighter and brighter.

Kitchen with white cabinets and blue walls

I’m a learn-by-doing type of gal and what I learned from painting this room is that I really should have tested a sample on the wall before painting the whole room. The color is a bit more saturated than I was planning on, but I still liked it enough to live with it for the last five years.

A couple years ago I requested a new faucet and water dispenser/filter for my birthday, and my multi-talented Father installed them for me. A few months back I finished tweaking our “mudroom” corner of the kitchen and I also updated the window treatments which were created from a Home Goods tablecloth that my Mom graciously sewed into panels for me.

Blue, white and turquoise kitchen

There are two areas that I would really like to tackle after I (finally) get the dining room table refinished. Here is the first.

Kitchen open shelves

This used to be a closed pantry, but it’s location wasn’t really the best for holding food and the shutter-style door was constantly popping open, which was driving me nuts. As you may have noticed in Jacob’s and Lily’s rooms, I like to remove closet doors. So off came the door. I’m just crazy like that.

The Plan:
Now I need to actually finish this nook by addressing the recessed areas where the hinges were. It could also use a fresh coat of paint. The phone jack is also an eyesore I’d like to remove.

The Dream:
I love to imagine removing this little nook and rework the corner by adding a bar countertop that peninsulas out from the wall between the dining area and the kitchen.

The second area that I would like to tweak is the space above the sink.

Kitchen Tour-plans-2015-06-30 21.12.06

The Plan:
I want to remove the scalloped trim piece, replace the (hideous fluorescent) light fixture and get a new curtain rod.

The Dream:
Wouldn’t it be great if the soffits were gone all together and the cabinets went all the way to the ceiling? I think so too! Maybe remove a cabinet and replace with some open shelves? Oh, and a new refrigerator. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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