House Updates: Bye-Bye Blue Kitchen

Hey there! I haven’t posted about house projects in a while but there’s always something “cooking” in this house. So let’s just dive in and get y’all updated on what I’ve been up to around our humble abode.

Disclaimer: this is not a nice juicy room reveal post with unrealistic styling and uncluttered counters. This is a (mostly) real life look—I may have grabbed one or two random items off of the dining room table before quickly shooting these pics 🙂

What’s Been Done:

Edgecomb Gray Entry, Kitchen and Di

Back around Thanksgiving, I pulled the trigger and started repainting our kitchen, dining room, entry and main hallway (roughly 1/3 of our house). I wanted a nice light neutral backdrop to unify these spaces and make it easy to swap in/out different pops of color with accessories. The new color is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Bar Table with new paint color - Edgecomb Gray

The change to entry/hallway wasn’t as dramatic as the kitchen since it was already a warm off-white color. After living with it for six years, though, the walls were in need of a clean, fresh coat of paint.

Entryway painted Edgecomb Gray
LEFT: Old color. RIGHT: New color with wood wall (update TBD).


Laundry Closet Doors:
One other project that I tackled in this space recently was ripping out the shutter-style bi-fold doors on our laundry closet. The door casings on the laundry closet and adjacent pantry nook were patched up and painted. For the time being I threw up some drop cloth “curtains” that may our may not stay. I’m still thinking on this area. I have dreams of some kind of barn door arrangement, but it’s a big opening and I don’t want the doors to be too heavy and overwhelming in this space. I just couldn’t deal with those dingy doors anymore so I (slightly impulsively) ripped them out one day and it felt great.

In the meantime, the kids have enjoyed hiding behind the curtains and “scaring” mom and dad. 😉

Kitchen laundry closet

What’s Not Quite Done:

The ceilings in the kitchen, dining room, entry and hallway all needed a fresh coat of white. I’m about 60 percent done tackling that not-so-fun task.

Entry Wood Plank Wall:
Our beloved wood wall in the entry was “washed” with the original off-white paint that we used on the other walls in that space (meaning, I just watered down the paint and lightly painted the wood). So now the wood wall doesn’t match the other walls. Here are the three options I’m toying with:

  1. Do the same watered-down paint treatment with the new paint color? This would, hopefully make the walls match, but still allow some wood grain to come through.
  2. Give the wood a traditional white-wash with plain white paint? This would lighten up the color, but still allow the wood grain to come through.
  3. Paint the wood a solid white (same color as all the wood trim)? Bye-bye wood grain.

Entryway Wood Plank Wall

I would love some input on this one. What would you do?

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ve got another project in-process in the living room … stay tuned!

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  1. Were it me I’d whitewash or use a white pickling stain on the wood. And you haven’t gone wrong in your house yet so I’m sure whatever you do will be great!

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