Handmade Gifts – Three Ways

It’s that time of year. That’s right, it’s Popsicle season! Jacob enjoyed his first Popsicle of the year yesterday after his last day of “school.” He was excited to get his treat, but his excitement quickly grew after realizing that it was just flavored ice. The kid LOVES ice.

The start of Popsicle season also coincides with the start of a gift giving season, second only to Christmas. I’m talking about Graduation/Wedding/Moving season. Oh, and Father’s Day is in there too. There’s also Memorial Day and Fourth of July BBQs that might warrant a host/hostess gift as well. So, if you’re in need of some new gift ideas you’ve come to the right place.

1. Pot Up Some Sunshine


This simple idea would be great for a hostess or teacher gift. All you need is a cute container and a plant.( You could also pot up an herb plant for a friend who loves to cook.)

I finished it off with a little decorative ribbon and a gift tag.


It was pretty darn easy, but still has a sweet, handmade feel.

2. Pin-Up Gift Card

We’re hitting two trends with this one. Typography and Cork.


Gift cards are great for teacher and graduation gifts, but giving a plain envelope is just that — plain. Here I dressed up these gift certificates (for Jacob’s teachers) by tacking them onto these cork letters, which correspond to the teachers first names. I used rub-on transfers and gift tags to create a mini card. (I wrote a note to each teacher on the opposite side of the tag.)


Lastly, paper flowers glued to thumb tacks added a sweet, feminine touch.


And that’s it. I hope they enjoy their sweet treat!

3. Inspiring Words

This last idea comes from my friend and Sister-in-law, Emily, and it’s a great gift idea for teachers, grads or anybody really. I’d love something like this for my birthday (hint, hint).

One of Emily’s many talents (and there are MANY) is calligraphy and fun/funky handwriting. She recently opened an ETSY shop to which many of us responded, “Yes! About time!” Seriously, go check out her shop.

Anyway, for her kids’ teachers Emily penned their favorite quote or Bible verse onto thick card stock, then framed it.



She used a fun and clever painting technique to decorate the frames.


Who knew a toilet paper roll and some paint could make such a fun pattern? Good job, Em!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Hope you enjoy the long weekend, and eat some Popsicles.
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