Four Things NOT to Purge and How to Store Them

Tis the season of reducing. Whether it’s pounds or clutter, many of us are looking to lessen our load during this first month of the year. Well, since I sometimes enjoy playing the contrarian, I have a little list of things that I have found are worth holding on to.

 Craft Supplies & Scrapbook Paper

I haven’t scrapbooked in about 14 years, but I’m still working through my little stash of scrapbook paper, stickers and other crafty paraphernalia. There’s probably at least 10 craft paint containers that have been with me longer than my husband. But, I still use this stuff, so it has survived many a purge. You never know when you might need those zig-zag-edged scissors!

2015-05-05 16.04.32

Storage Ideas: 

  • Storing vertically on walls and doors is always a good way to go if space is limited. I like this clever idea for storing craft paint.
  • And I love this creative diy idea for organizing scrapbook paper.
  • Or, if you have a lot of 8.5×11 paper to store, try this inexpensive solution.

Spray Paint

To say that spray paint is useful is a huge understatement, in my humble opinion. I just used some the other day to “makeover” my cheap grocery store sunglasses. No joke.

Spray Paint

I also turned to spray paint when creating our command center and this fun Ikea-hacked tray.

Storage Ideas:

  • Look at this easy and budget-friendly option!
  • And an option for the serious “collector.”

Cardboard Boxes

For those who are mailing packages often, saving cardboard boxes makes perfect sense. But there are some other reasons to keep them close by. For example, when your four-year-old begs you to make him a “Captain America shield with spikes, the one from when he was in the army.” 🙂

They come in handy when you need a back for your diy wood frame too.


Storage Ideas:

Not gonna lie, I don’t have any great ideas to share for storing cardboard. Just flatten the suckers and stick them somewhere out of sight. However, pinterest has a plethora of ideas for reusing those boxes for storage.

Scrap Wood

I’ve got several scrap wood projects floating around in my brain, but so far I’ve just completed this sign. The possibilities are endless, people. Hold on to all those wood scraps!

Scrap Wood Sign from

Storage Ideas:

So that’s it, folks. That’s what I’m keeping. Take your “Donate” and “Trash” bins and keep them far far away from my cardboard, craft paint and scrap wood.

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