Easy Valentine’s Day Banner and Printables

I’ll admit that since getting married Valentine’s Day hasn’t been all that important to me. While I do enjoy  chocolate (possibly more than any other human), I don’t really look forward to the day with much anticipation.  However, with Jacob in “school” two days a week now (it’s a great Parent’s Day Out program at a local church), Valentine’s Day has forced its way back up towards the top of the list. That’s one of the joys of having kids, right? You get to relive all those sweet childhood firsts all over again through your children.

So this year, in an attempt to “spread the love” a little. I made some quick and simple decorations for our dining room wall. The really nice thing about this banner is that I was able to use materials I already had on hand. The only tool required is a large circular paper punch. If you have a fancy cutting machine [lucky you!], I would imagine this would be easy to do with one of those as well.

Jacob was excited to make a craft with Mommy.

Step 1: Scribble all over paper in desired colors …


… while keeping open markers away from 8-month-old.


Step 2: Stand back and admire your “Art” and be thankful for washable markers.


Step 3: Punch out circles – as many as you need for the length of you banner. I used our scribble art paper as well as some plain colored paper.



Step 4: Sandwich string and glue between two paper circles.


Step 5: Hang and enjoy!



I filled the rest of our chalkboard display with a couple printables I whipped up.


Feel free to download them here.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. You have the cutest assistants ever!!! Can’t wait to follow you and get inspired. Now that I know I have a such a talented relative I may just shoot you a photo or two for some design guidance!!! Best of luck Suzy. Awesome!

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