DIY Bar Table from a Reclaimed Wood Door

Hey folks, the last time I shared this corner of my dining room, it looked like this.

Dining Room_2015-05-01 01.58.47

That old dresser is now storing clothes in our master bedroom, and I’ve replaced it with a new functional piece of diy furniture. Like most areas of our little home, this corner needed to serve more than one purpose. I decided it was the perfect spot for a bar-height table that I’ve affectionally termed my “mom zone.” I wanted a spot for paying bills, writing lists, reading the never-ending pile of school papers, drinking coffee and storing in-progress projects out of reach of little hands.

Many months ago my church replaced one of its old exterior doors. That meant that this awesome, old, solid wood door was up for grabs. Yes, please!

Door Bar Table from

I wanted a very clean-lined look for this bar table. Here’s how it all came together.

DIY Door Bar Table from

My very handy dad cut the door down, and I sanded and stained it.  I wanted to keep the area where the hardware was attached. I thought it added some interesting character and that hole would be convenient if I needed to plug in a computer or phone charger.

Door Bar Table from

We used a post base to attach the table top to the table leg. After giving it a coat of black spray paint, we installed it upside down with four lag screws and inserted the 4 x 4 post.


The rest of the table is supported by 1 x 2 boards screwed into studs along both walls and attached to the bottom of the door/table top with screws. I painted the boards the same color as the wall, so they almost completely disappear.

Door Bar Table from

Door Bar Table from

Not bad for a $15 table, right?

Door Bar Table from

The door was free, as was the 4 x 4, thanks to the old lumber stash in my dad’s basement, and I had the spray paint and wood stain leftover from my IKEA-hacked bookshelf. I only had to pay for the post base and a couple of 1 x 2 boards.

Door Bar Table from

I hung the picture ledge at little high and plan to use the wall space below for a rotating “gallery” of whatever I feel like looking at. Right now it’s some sweet cards I picked up at this cute shop while on a recent girls trip to Cape May, New Jersey.

Here’s my dream of what this area should look like most days …

Door Bar Table from

And here’s my reality …

DIY bar table from an old door -

At least it’s comforting to know that without my new bar table, all this stuff would be on our dining room table and I’d have to clear it off to make room for, ya know, dinner.

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Reclaimed wood door turned diy bar table from

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