Progress Over Perfection

We’ve all heard it, and maybe even said it, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Well, I know that this phrase has its place, but for me it rarely applies to home renovations. I haven’t posted on here in nearly two weeks because I haven’t FINISHED anything in nearly two weeks. [Insert beet-red angry-faced emoji […]

Bits and Pieces—November and December 2015

Bits and Pieces—November and December 2015

November was … trips to the park. preschooler selfies… opening the Real Happy Space Etsy Shop … Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas preparations. 1st snowman of the winter. And on the blog there was: Thanksgiving Underdog Story, Scrap Wood Joy Sign and Free Christmas Printables. December was … my first craft sale. family visits. birthday fun … a […]

Information Overload

Happy Friday! I’m taking a break from DIY projects today to share something that’s been on my mind. I hope this post will come across as food for thought, rather than a rant. Blog posts, Facebook updates and the Internet in general can be a great source of information and inspiration, but sometimes it can be […]