Bits and Pieces—July 2015

Here’s a little update on what my family and I have been up to both inside and outside our house this past month.

July Bits and Pieces from Real Happy Space

1. Family Summer Fun
If we actually had a summer bucket list, our July activities would have no doubt made quite a dent in that list. The highlights include:

  • Trip to Chicago & the beach
  • Church picnic
  • Baseball game (there is a single A team in a neighboring town)
  • Playing in the sprinkler
  • Ice cream cones
  • Jake’s first movie (Inside Out)
  • Lots of playtime with cousins

2. Big and Little House Fixes

The big project of the month was replacing our garage door. Our old (and dented) door finally bit the dust at the end of last month when one of the cables broke. While I know it’s not terribly exciting to most of you, I was very happy when the new (clean, shiny, white, less noisy and better insulated) door was installed.

Other house fixes include:

  • Tweaking the asymmetrical curtain rods in the living room and filling the resulting holes
  • Filling more holes (since I had the spackle out already)
  • Painting our nightstands. They are unfinished wood dressers from IKEA. I’ll spare you the details since I doubt the blogosphere really needs another Rast Hack post (If you don’t know what that is, I’ll wait here while you google.)
  • I’m not doing much myself of this project, but it’s certainly worth mentioning that wonderful Dad is/has been working to repair a rotted window sill for us.
  • Finishing two projects for the entryway – post to come next week I hope.

3. Refilling the Well

I’ve been trying to be better about making time to recharge my emotional, physical and creative batteries by doing more of the following:

  • Exercise – Running, taking the kids or dog for a walk and pulling weeds (that counts, right?)
  • Getting out sans kids. (Date nights and girls nights are the best!)
  • Listening to podcasts. I recently got into these and they are kind of addictive. My two favorites for creative inspiration are After the Jump and The Influence Podcast.

Well, that’s all for now. Whether or not you have a Bucket List, I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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