A Very Real Living Room Tour

Getting cozy on the couch with a cup of coffee, a glossy magazine and a feed full of unread blogs is my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon. And I particularly LOVE diving into a good house tour. I drool over the perfectly styled bookshelves and coffee table or the clean, cozy upholstery and gleaming floors. But sometimes I start comparing my home to those I see in the magazines or other blogs – the decorating equivalent to comparing your body to that of the model’s on a magazine cover. It can be a recipe for trouble.

One of the reasons I started this blog, and why I named it REAL Happy Space, is because I wanted it to be a true and realistic look at our home. Yes, I try to make my home look nice. I feel less stress when my tables and counters aren’t cluttered and things are put where they belong. But that doesn’t mean that we live in a clutter-free house. We do, after all, actually LIVE in this house.

Real Living Room Tour

Today I’m showing you our living room, and I’m calling it a “Very Real” living room tour because, as you will see, it’s not perfect … and that’s OK.

This what the room looked like the day we bought our house.

Living Room Before_DSC_0503

Living Room Before_DSC_0504

Living Room Before_DSC_0505

It’s the largest room in our house (it was an addition that we think was done in the 80s) and it serves multiple purposes since our house is far from palatial. It’s our living room/family room/playroom and office.

Living Room Tour_2015-04-09 23.33.54

The previous owner painted the built-ins white (Thank You!), but I changed the red on the back wall of the bookcases to blue a couple of years after we moved in. I’ve also lost track of how many times I’ve rearranged the furniture … it’s a problem … let’s not get into it right now. I didn’t repaint the walls because I liked the greenish taupe color, but we did replace the door that leads to our deck with a new sliding glass door.

The ottoman in the corner is hiding a treasure trove of rainbow plastic goodies for the kids. The closed storage in the built-ins hold everything from board games and DVDs to my work materials files.

Living Room Tour_2015-04-09 23.34.39

This large rug was my latest purchase. It’s surprisingly soft and helps make the space feel complete.

In an effort to “keep things real,” I would like to point out the random tennis ball under the couch and also confess that the coffee table is rarely ever that clean. I don’t generally have much decor on the coffee table because, well because of her …

Living Room Tour_2015-04-09 23.21.43Living Room Tour_2015-04-10 03.36.11

… and him. We bought the IKEA Karlstad corner sectional because it has clean lines AND has machine washable slipcovers.

Living Room Tour_2015-04-10 01.10.10

This corner is the office nook where I do my day job. Notice the clean lines of the desk, complete with rubber corner protectors. 😉

Living Room Tour_2015-04-09 23.41.37

Without a doubt this room will evolve as our children grow and our tastes change. Lord knows these bookcases will be rearranged at least 50 times before Jacob graduates … from Kindergarten.

The smaller brown rug will probably get the boot in the next year or so, when we’re out of the baby/crawling stage. But for right now it’s a great play area for both kids, and their toy baskets are often spilled out all over that rug (or the whole room, let’s be honest).

Living Room Tour_2015-04-10 01.11.11

There are some little projects that I still want to tackle in this room, but for now we are pretty settled and happy in this space. It only took nearly five years. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a great use of space! I share your envy of magazine layouts, but you’ve created a warm, comfortable and functional home that’s also super pretty. I shall NOT be sharing pictures of my living room unless you’re looking for the “before” shot you’re going to fix!

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