A New Old Dining Table

After about seven years with our IKEA dining set, we bid adieu (or should I say “adjö”) to our Swedish, pseudo-wood buddies and welcomed a new dining set from that other budget friendly furniture source … Craigslist. Well, it’s far from new, but it’s new to us.

Dining Room_2015-03-30 04.27.17

I reminisced for a minute with Dave about the super fun night we dragged the massive box that held our future table up THREE flights of stairs to our apartment in Chicago. Good times. Then I broke out the allen wrench and popped that sucker apart.

Out with the old, in with the older.

Dining Room_2015-05-01 01.57.06

So here’s the part where you may be questioning my sanity, or at the very least the quality of my sight. Why would you buy a used table? Did you notice the table and chairs don’t match the bench? But when I see this hodge-podge mess I can squint my eyes and see something much prettier and a lot less golden oak. And the best part is this set is made of real, solid wood!

I am still deciding how I want to refinish the table and chairs. But I’m leaning toward a very natural wood look with little to no sheen paired with white chairs. Something like this for the table maybe …

Restoration Hardware 1930s French Farmhouse Round Dining Table

Now I just need to figure out how to achieve that look from this …

Dining Room_2015-05-01 01.59.06

So, we will live with the orangey color a little longer while I research stain colors and practice my staining technique on a few other smaller projects. First up was the new picture ledge for the dining room.

I was growing tired of the empty frame arrangement on the chalkboard wall. I very rarely actually filled in those frames with cute little drawings or quotes like I originally envisioned. I don’t have the wonderful handwritting skills of my sister-in-law, Emily (I shared one of her projects here). Sidenote: if you’re looking for some amazing calligraphy art, check out her Etsy shop.

Dining Room_2015-05-01 01.59.36

I like that I can change the arrangements anytime I want – no nail holes needed. I found plans for this very simple picture ledge here. My very handy Dad built it and I stained it. Now I just need to fill those frames. That’s the really fun part.

And lastly, how about I show you the rest of the dining room? It’s really not so much a room, but rather a dining area. Besides the chalkboard wall, there are just two corners.

Dining Room_2015-05-01 01.58.47

This corner holds this old dresser that I painted white a couple of years ago. I could call it a family heirloom since it was once owned by my Grandfather, but I don’t think it qualifies since he only paid $2 for it. I have plans for this piece too, since the bottom two drawers are barely functional, but it’s pretty low priority right now.

And I think I’ll wrap up this post with a big ‘ol dose of reality. This is the other corner of the dining area …

Dining Room_2015-05-01 01.58.25

I think in comparison, this “vignette” makes our new/old, orange table look pretty nice.

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